' Longfellow Wines - Napa Earthquake

From all of us at Longfellow Wines, we want to thank you for the outpouring of support since the earthquake that hit Napa Sunday morning.

Thankfully, no one was hurt and we didn’t sustain any direct damage. Unfortunately, that isn’t true across the region at large. The tasting room we’ve been operating out of for over 10 years, Vintners Collective, did sustain some damage and will be closed in the immediate future. Certainly, it will take some time to sort through all the pieces of this devastating event. But rest assured, the collective support of the community will help everyone recover and get back to normal. And, our wishes and thoughts go out to all of our partners, customers, and industry colleagues that have been affected.

In the meantime, do know that our business is as vibrant as it ever has been. We are processing orders, preparing for this coming harvest, and about to bottle our first ever (and much anticipated) Russian River Chardonnay. It’s amazing the amount of support everyone has offered over the last many days – it’s inspiring - as well as proof to what drives our passion and enjoyment in this close-knit business community.

Thanks again.

Mark and Craig

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